Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center Announces Level IV Trauma Accreditation

Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center Emergency Department at Family Health West is pleased to announce their three year accreditation as a Level IV Trauma Center.

It is standard practice for the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to grant a one year certification on the initial application with a needed follow-up review. “We passed that review without any reservations and will be awarded a certificate for a three year period,” said Emergency Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Kupets. “Our entire Emergency Department has worked all year on meeting our policies, improving our care, and preserving our standing with the CDPHE.”

The Trauma Team consists of Dr. Scott Vincent, Trauma Medical Director; Dr. Joseph Kupets, Emergency Medical Director; and Britney Guccini, RN, Emergency Department Director and Trauma Nurse Coordinator.

“We are honored to continue functioning as a Level IV Trauma Center. This recertification recognizes that we are able to provide patients in the Fruita area with healthcare professionals and standards of care consistent with the expectations set forth by the CDPHE,” said Dr. Scott Vincent. “We are excited to play our part in providing care for patients within the trauma system in conjunction with the other hospitals of the Grand Valley.”

As a Level IV Trauma Center, FHW provides patients initial evaluation and stabilization of trauma related injuries. Emergency providers and nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medical inpatient services are available to those patients who can be maintained in a stable or improving condition without advanced specialized care. Those patients who require more advanced trauma care will be stabilized and then transferred to a facility with a higher trauma rating, such as St. Mary’s.

“This year was challenging creating a trauma program that was compliant with State guidelines and that worked for our facility. We are still fine tuning our program, but feel confident that we provide great, quality care to our trauma patients,” said Britney Guccini. “I am very proud of our ED staff for stepping up to the plate and succeeding. I’m pleased we passed our review without any reservations.”

“This designation is yet another example of how Family Health West continues to fulfill its mission of providing the best in healthcare services,” said Lori Randall, Chief Operating Officer. “We are so proud of our Trauma Team and the dedication they have demonstrated in achieving this recognition.”