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Colorado Canyons Hospital and Medical Center is Expanding it’s Walls to Meet the Growing Needs of Our Community

On August 3, 2017 Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center along with St. Mary’s Medical Center celebrated the launch of a new collaborative Transitional Care Program that will provide a better solution to the problem of long term, complex medical care in Western Colorado.

The care model, developed in 2013 by Mayo Clinic, works to streamline the transfer of St. Mary’s patients whose serious medical conditions have stabilized, but who are not yet able to return to their home or normal routine.  By collaboratively aligning transitional care, healthcare costs can be reduced by not keeping patients in the ICU unnecessarily and/or transferring to Denver or Utah to receive further care.  With the addition of 9 new beds at Colorado Canyons Hospital and Medical Center along with the expansion of the physical, respiratory and occupational therapy areas, patients can now receive their long-term care locally, which will be less stressful and costly for not only the patients, but their families as well. “People want to see hospitals collaborate to lower costs and improve care,” said Mark Francis, president and CEO of Colorado Canyons.  “This is exactly the kind of partnership that achieves those goals. We are especially grateful to be able to help ease the cost and burden on loved ones who are dealing with the devastating impacts of serious medical conditions.”

Colorado Canyons and St. Mary’s have been training together with Allevant Solutions since 2016, and have already seen remarkable results.  “This is a solution where patients can get to the right place to get the right care at the right time. We’ve had the right care, this is the right time, and Colorado Canyons is the right place.” said St. Mary’s Medical Center President Dr. Brian Davidson.

The $4.5 million dollar project is estimated to be completed in February 2018.

Click HERE for more information regarding the expansion.