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Spinal stimulator patient gets life back after mining explosion leads to chronic pain

September 1, 2015 – Wendie Rambeck lives in Paonia, Colorado and was involved in a mining explosion 12 years ago that left her with spine and brain injuries.  Since the accident, Rambeck, 44, sought numerous treatments including multiple spine surgeries, injections, extensive physical and occupational therapy, a number of medications, consults with neurologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopaedic surgeons, to name a few.  After the side effects from pain medications started affecting her family and relationships, she knew she had to find a better solution.

Rambeck went to see Dr. Kenneth Lewis of Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists (WRIPS) in Fruita this past April.  WRIPS is part of Family Health West’s Outpatient Procedure Center which houses a variety of specialists all under one roof addressing chronic pain.

Spectra Spinal Stimulator

Dr. Kenneth Lewis of Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists implanted a Boston Scientific Spectra Stimulator, similar to this, in Wendie Rambeck’s spine to alleviate chronic pain years after experiencing a mining explosion. The stimulator worked, allowing Rambeck to get back to enjoying her life.
-Graphic courtesy of Boston Scientific.

Dr. Lewis implanted a Boston Scientific Spectra Stimulator in her spine and the results were astounding. “Dr. Lewis changed my life,” said Rambeck. “Everyone should know about this procedure.”  Rambeck immediately felt significant improvement in her leg and low back.  In fact, she felt so much better that she requested the procedure be repeated for her neck, shoulder, hands and arm pain.

“The Boston Scientific Spectra Stimulator was awarded one of the ‘Top Breakthroughs of 2014’ by Popular Mechanics,” said Dr. Lewis. “Past winners were Tesla and Microsoft, so we are talking about a significant advancement in technology in regards to chronic pain.”

According to Dr. Lewis, the Spectra Stimulator is the only system on the market capable of treating both Rambeck’s low back and leg pain, as well as her shoulder, arm, and hand pain with one generator.

Rambeck now enjoys a functional life spending time with her two children, fishing, hunting, camping and gardening. “People living with chronic pain often become depressed and hopeless,” she added. “Dr. Lewis made all the difference for my family and me. [He] has been my miracle and we are grateful.”