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At Family Health West, your health and well-being guide us in everything we do. We’re committed to providing you with the best care, services and technology available in the Grand Valley. To that end, we’re proud to say that we were the first in the valley to offer 3D Tomosynthesis mammography.

We understand that no woman looks forward to having a mammogram. That’s why we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology to make your mammography experience more precise, more efficient and more affordable. That’s our commitment to you and your family.

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3D Mammography: The Latest in Diagnostic Imaging

3D Tomosynthesis represents the most exciting advancement in mammography in the last 30 years. Unlike traditional 2D mammography which takes images of your entire breast, the 3D Tomosynthesis machine takes images of your breast tissue in layers only 1mm thick to provide a precise, crystal clear image.

Think of 2D mammography like the cover of a book, with 3D mammography providing images of each page within the book.


3D Mammography Facts

Compared to 2D Mammography…
20% increase in cancer detection
40% reduction in call-backs


Simply a Better Experience in Mammography

The cutting edge technology of 3D Tomosynthesis provides a faster, more precise mammogram than has ever been available before.


Scans are completed within seconds for a more efficient mammography experience. The images appear on the radiologist’s monitor for a more
timely diagnosis, and all images are performed and interpreted at Family Health West.

More Precise

Multiple, thin layers allow utmost clarity in the scans. This not only improves the ability to detect cancer, but decreases the need for additional examinations so often needed in 2D mammography.

Earlier Cancer Detection

The clarity of the images means that precise diagnoses can be made and treatment can begin, improving the outcome.


Radiation emitted from this machine is below FDA guidelines.


No Wait

At Family Health West, there’s virtually no wait for your mammogram. You really can get this done over your lunch hour.


Call 970.858.2149 to schedule your no-wait 3D mammogram.