Recovery Team

The First Few Days

The first few days of your hospital stay are all about meeting your Recovery Team. The Team Members will meet with you and your loved ones within the first week of your visit and schedule a whole team meeting with you and your family. This meeting is designed to educate you and your family on the rehabilitation process, explain what is expected, answer any questions you have regarding Medicare or insurance and get to know each other. You will set your goals and together with your Team figure out which road to recovery is best for you.


Your Family

An extensive amount of research has shown that support from family and close friends can help in healing. Social support accelerates recovery and improves the emotional well-being and quality of life. Family Health West promotes social support by providing waiting rooms and lounges with comfortable furniture, designing patient rooms that accommodate visitors, and providing amenities that make it easier for family members to discuss the healing process.


Your Therapist

The role of the physical therapist is to assist you in preventing disability and aid in achieving optimal function and pain relief. Additionally, physical therapists assist you with your physical recovery and re-entry into the community, home and work environment at the highest possible level of independence and self-sufficiency.


Your Social Worker

He or she will help you and your family cope with the recovery process, as well as understand your rehabilitation program. The social worker serves as your liaison among your team of treatment professionals, your family, your insurance carrier, and resources in the community.


Your Dietitian

The dietitian provides nutrition therapy to patients with a variety of health conditions, and provides dietary consultations to patients and their families. The dietitian confers with the team to review and develop individual plans to meet nutritional requirements and other therapy goals. The dietitian can help you to re-gain your appetite, maintain weight, gain strength, low weight, or follow a therapeutic and or healthful diet.


Your Nurse

The nurses and nursing assistants provide direct personal care. Using the nursing process the nurse is responsible for planning the nursing care necessary in your rehabilitation program. Your nurse also shares a key role in patient and family education.


Your Physician

He or she will provide medical management and coordinate your rehabilitation program provided by the Recovery Team.


Your Financial Advisor

He or she will ensure that you understand the billing process and educate you and your family on all of the options available.


Your Lifestyle Counselor

Can help you assess the four pillars of health– physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Optimal healing happens when you are giving to all areas of your life – regular exercise, stimulating work, fulfilling relationships and time for reflection are all essential to a healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle counselor can help provide you tools and resources to ensure you are living your best life.