Rehabilitation Services

Colorado Canyons Physical Rehabilitation – our hospital’s Therapy department – is one of the crown jewels of our organization.  With patients spending more time with their therapist than any other healthcare provider, it is an important decision for the patient to choose the therapist that is going to best meet their unique needs during their rehabilitation.  
Colorado Canyons Physical Rehabilitation is a full-service therapy department that treats patients from infant through geriatric life stages.  Our team is composed of occupational, physical and speech therapists with a tremendous scope of specialties and backgrounds.  Our department takes pride in providing superior therapeutic care through experienced clinicians. Many of our clinicians have 20+ years of experience.


Colorado Canyons Physical Rehabilitation and Colorado Canyons Pediatric Rehabilitation have more than 40 employees offering physical, speech, and occupational therapies. From the moment you join us for your care, you will notice our hospital is different than most.  Our facility is state-of the art and we are adding new services every day.  

As we continue to grow, we pay close attention to keeping our commitment to the reason we are here in the first place: the patient.  We keep our commitment by providing state-of-the-art individualized care.

In our Therapy department, we take individualized care to the next level.  Our therapists take pride in offering our patients private and semi-private treatments one to two times per day and up to seven days per week.  This therapy model is individually tailored to each patient in order to achieve maximum results.

Conditions We Treat

  • Stroke
  • Back Pain
  • Fractures
  • Orthopedic Issues
  • Weakness
  • Gait (Walking) Issues
  • Speech/Language Pathologies
  • Swallowing Issues
  • Feeding Issues
  • Deficiencies in Activities of Daily Living (Dressing, Bathing, etc)
  • Rehabilitation after Injury or Surgery
  • Neck Pain
  • We also offer Vitastim and Modified Barium Swallow tests

We also offer the following services:

If you don’t see what you need, please call us to inquire further at 970-858-2215.