Alzheimers Care

  • Our Approach
  • Dining & Social Events
  • Comfort Room

Family Health West has been the area’s premier provider of Alzheimer’s care since the mid-1980s

We have two facilities that provide care for individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia related disorders.

The Main Street Experience, our social model for Alzheimer’s care, is a family environment concept. It features simulated Main Street shops, such as a general store and flower shop, and homelike areas with a fireplace, dining area, etc. Using this model, we connect to pleasant experiences and memories of the past and add fun to the present.

At both facilities, we use our social model approach that is based on positives: focusing on wellness and enhancing the environment to assist each resident to improve and to prevent declines in function. This ultimately provides our residents with a higher quality of life, dignity and self-esteem.

Staff members provide individualized attention to meet resident needs through one-on-one interactions. This can range from a simple hug or pat on the hand, to soaking feet in warm water followed by a foot massage. In the social model, the medical aspects of patient care are still provided with the same degree of excellence, but now care includes a social and fun aspect.

Care is provided with compassion and concern for the dignity and self-esteem of the individual. Instead of immediately giving medications for behavioral problems, calming interventions are tried, i.e., massaging hands with soothing lotion, playing calming music or redirecting the resident to other activities or conversation. A gentle “best friends” approach is used. By using the social model, we have been able to decrease medications, improve patient functioning and quality of life, and redirect the frustrations so often evident with Alzheimer’s disease. The success of our social model has surpassed our expectations.

Restorative Nursing

Restorative nursing supports individualized ambulation, range of motion and programs for strengthening. This leads to better mobility and an increased oversight with eating problems, which helps to keep our residents functioning at their highest possible level, on a daily basis, and provides dignity and quality of life.

Dining Experience

Food can change a mood, evoke a smile and inspire the uninspired. The pleasure of eating a meal can have a positive effect on anyone. Our enhanced dining experience increases satisfaction.

Residents eat their meals in a pleasant, homelike atmosphere with music playing in the background. Hospitality Aides (waitresses and waiters), many of whom are local high school students, assist with meals and ensure that residents receive personal one-to-one attention. Certified Nurse Aides focus on assisting residents to eat safely and ensure optimal nutrition and hydration. This program continues to be a great success and has made many residents smile.

This multi-generational approach of mingling high school students with our residents has proven to be a wonderful addition. The students learn and share and our residents really enjoy the presence and enthusiasm of the younger generation.


Social Activities

Our activities programs provide an alternative to loneliness. Emphasis is placed on the resident’s social part of the day where stimulation and wellness can be the focal point.

The following examples of activities are provided in group and one-to-one settings:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Bus trips
  • Children’s visits
  • Dancing
  • Exercise classes
  • Holiday and costume parties
  • Live entertainment
  • Pet therapy
  • Picnic and luncheon outings
  • Senior prom
  • Singing
  • Social talk times to discuss and learn about current events and news stories
  • Special dining experiences such as Hawaiian Luaus or Italian Cuisine

Family and Resident Comfort Room

Our Family & Resident Comfort Room is designed to provide the best possible experience for residents and families in the resident’s last hours of life. Dedicated staff members offer one-to-one tranquil loving care such as additional bathing, massage, music, reading, aromatherapy, etc. The resident is comforted by tender touch and can enjoy the feeling of being in loving hands and not being alone. Families are provided with the peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving loving care.

Environment has an impact on our residents. This is especially true when a resident is at the end of his/her life. At that time, it is appropriate to decrease stimulation, allow quiet, and to provide more intimate surroundings for the resident and his/her loved ones. Our Family & Resident Comfort Room offers a peaceful and quiet place that allows for close one-to-one attention and privacy where grieving and goodbyes can occur on a more intimate level.