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FHW Women, Part 5

Woven through the many conversations with Family Health West women in preparation for Women’s History Month, emerged the resiliency of staff, the passion for caring for each other and patients, and the deep roots of building history together.

Brenda Carlucci was born, raised, and remains a Fruita gal through and through. Fruita is her home, but she also says Family Health West is her hospital and her home too. That connection is one reason that has kept her working here.

Brenda Carlucci, FHW Hospital Surgery

Brenda is a Certified Sterile Technician in FHW Surgery. Walking through the department with her, it’s immediately noticeable her co-workers enjoy her comradery. The inquiring facial expressions about Brenda getting her photo taken quickly turn into a make-shift jail booking handout and the cell phones come out for a candid picture of Brenda faking a jail booking mug shot. There is admiration and connection in this team.

“I have learned patience and understanding of what is in my control and what isn’t,” Brenda said referencing some of what she’s learned from her time at Family Health West.
With a large dose of admiration, she credits Lori Randall and leadership support for the training and career path she’s chosen.

“As the years come and go, you realize your working with friends and family, and community – that’s a real comfort,” Brenda said. “I appreciate the fact that the CEOs know who I am and what I do for them. They know my warts and all, and a bit about my life. This all makes a person feel like they are part of something bigger.”

FHW is very much people-oriented and that Brenda admires. Whether it’s other staff or patients, she’s proud to be on the team that does right by people, she said. Brenda has ten years to go before she considers retirement and that’s a good amount of time for her office cohorts and her to create a lot of shenanigans.

Brenda is a good sport and her co-workers enjoy her humor.

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