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Together We Are Passionate Are Resilient Are Prosperous Are Rooted Are Imaginative Flourish

Mission Statement

Family Health West is dedicated to supporting our community by reinventing the healthcare experience with a focus on quality outcomes. We strive to provide warm, compassionate service to make every patient’s day a little bit better.

Vision Statement

We will surround ourselves with a diverse group of people who exude the values embraced by Family Health West. Each of us will work every day to promote our mission and the guiding principles of FHW CARES: Family, Honesty, Wellness, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Safety.


Family Health West, as an organization along with all of our employees, embodies the values of:

Passion – we are passionate about what we do and the people we serve. We truly and wholeheartedly believe in enriching healthcare for the people of our community.

Resilience – despite the inherent challenges in healthcare we remain committed to providing the best service to each other and our patients. Like the rose, we will thrive and bloom even in the harshest circumstances.

Prosperity – good health leads to good life, and we take great pride in providing our community with the resources and healthcare options they need to flourish.

Rootedness – FHW was built from the ground up by the people of the Grand Valley. We believe in actively participating in the growth and stability of our community, continually giving back to our neighbors, and going above and beyond to make this valley home

Imagination – visualizing a brighter future every day where smiling, laughter, and joy are woven into every action taken at Family Health West. We’re not afraid to imagine what could be while working to bring our visions to life.

Why The Rose? What Does it Mean?

Family Health West Rose Logo
The Rose Means 

The rose embodies our story. It’s a symbol of passion, prosperity, resiliency, and rootedness. From the foundation of Fruita, Willam Pabor envisioned the desert transformed into rose-covered cottages and flourishing orchards. Along with our neighbors in the Grand Valley, Family Health West has withstood flood and famine, turning the desert into a flourishing community crafted by caring and passionate hands.

When you see the rose, you see the Family Health West Promise.

"...I saw vineyards and orchards, and rose-embowered cottages in which love and happiness and contentment abode... I heard the merry voices of children yet to be born."
Image of William Pabor, founder of Fruita
William Pabor
Founder of Fruita
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