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About FHW

We're Family Health West,
and We're More than Just Care Givers.

What is Family Health West?

It’s a culture of caring and a feeling of passion. It’s a group of people dedicated to creating the future of good health. 

FHW was imagined as a collective to become care for our community. The seeds were plants, and the roots were fostered and grown by the organization’s heart – our employees. Today, we imagine a future of growth, opportunity, and meaningful community engagement. We plan to turn up the dial and deliver on services, patient care and make our part of the world a little better each day.

Nestled along the canyons of Colorado’s Western Slope, Family Health West started as a vision to provide quality, locally-based health care to a rural community.

To provide more details about FHW, our roots go deep. The people who called the Grand Valley home built us from the ground up. Family Health West is by our people, for our people, for the future. Every day, we strive to create care that feels like home.

About FHW in Fruita, CO

What's Different About FHW?

Innovation runs thick through our blood.
Caring is rooted in our soul.

We’ve seen a lot of changes since the first brick and mortar FHW establishment took shape in a tiny farming community segregated by open landscapes. While we have grown significantly, so has the community of Fruita. Today, while some farms remain and heritage is coveted, a thriving outdoor adventure culture has also established itself here.

Locals and visitors enjoy outdoor rec in various ways, from rafting to biking and hiking to cross country skiing. We’ve remained vigilant and reliable, trusted and steady to serve our community’s health and medical needs over the years. Generations have multiplied, come, grown, and started new generations of their own. The same has occurred at Family Health West. While we are blooming into a future self that is different from today, we readily embrace the change. That means the growth of services, patient care, and inclusive culture of teamwork, kindness, and support.

Every day, we strive to bloom a little more than the day before.

While our roots are strong and steady, our future is exciting and full of endless possibilities. We’re here for our family, and as you grow, we will too. The little town of Fruita sure has grown a lot in the last 100 years. Fruita has changed from a rural farming community to a thriving hub for outdoor adventures. We’ve stood by while generations came, grew, and started new generations of their own. When our family needed it, we designed a revolutionary Alzheimer’s care facility. When the needs of western Colorado shifted to our children, we created a one-of-a-kind pediatric rehabilitation center. We don’t know what’s coming around the corner next, but we’ll be with you for the journey. 

What started as a small hospital has grown into a regional health care network comprised of hospital services and more than 30 specialty clinics to provide a full spectrum of care. Our 25-bed critical access hospital offers intimate care, where each provider can spend more time with you and where you’re treated like family. 

We're for prosperity. Not for profit.

Family Health West is the only non-profit healthcare organization in western Colorado. Our priority is always providing you and our family with the very best in care. We are so committed and feel deeply about providing genuinely needed unique services and positively impacting our community. Doing the right thing outweighs dollar signs.

By pursuing what we believe in, our community is well cared for, and our programs flourish.

We are passionate Healers explorers adventurers artists makers

One thing to know about FHW, we’re defined by our people. We love to play, explore, create, and chase the things that make us happy. We thrive on helping others do the same. Good health is synonymous with good life, and we dedicate our days to helping you chase your passions. We provide a healing environment for our rehabilitation patients close to home, continued care when rehabbing transitions to outpatient, and one-of-a-kind programs like driving rehabilitation and a COVID Recovery Clinic. 

FHW staff, from the frontline to leadership, are empowered to have fun at work, treat patients like family, solve problems, and bring new ideas forward.