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Bill and Wendy Cummins

It was early in the year, circa 1990, when he first saw her. Across the hallway that leads to the jail. Over the top of the console. A dispatch console. She caught his attention immediately. They laugh now explaining they first met in the police station, pausing to give the listener the idea the circumstances were not ideal. However, Bill goes on to clarify, he was a Captain at the Redlands Police Department Reserve Unit (in southern California) at the time and Wendy was working for the same agency – this was her first “adult” job. She was an animal control officer, barely 20 years old. 

After some inquiries into her dating status from fellow law enforcement co-workers, and after at least a month had passed, their co-workers conspired to officially introduce Bill and Wendy. Almost immediately they became inseparable. Within two weeks of dating Bill admits he knew she was the ‘one.’ Within four months they were engaged and a year later they were married.

Bill and Wendy on their wedding day in 1991.

“It was Newport Beach after dark,” Wendy said about the proposal. “I didn’t have a clue. But no question, I said, yes.”

“We had a big police wedding,” Bill said with a giant smile. “That was fun!”

In 1992, their son Ryan was born and they had just moved from Southern California to Southern Washington state. Wendy said that was the hardest time of their marriage. Bill was working a lot and she had left her support system behind but neither of them wanted to raise a child in California.

The key to longevity in marriage?

“We enjoy being together,” Wendy said. 

But also they both agree they enjoy some separate time and individual hobbies. 

“We have our (own) things and together things,” Bill said.

“We have to exist as our own person,” Wendy said. “We can’t be each other’s whole life. We are always learning about each other and we aren’t the same person we were years ago.”

“Evolving and adapting is key,” Bill said when asked about how to create a long-lasting marriage.

Common threads we’ve established over the years, that’s what holds us together, Wendy said.

Making their way to Family Health West meant years prior they had moved once again to western Colorado. After working some here and there, off and on over the year, Wendy needed a few more years of employment credit for social security purposes. After doing some temporary work for FHW there was a permanent opening she applied for and was hired.

Wendy admits that for many years she didn’t see herself going back to work and she was nervous about it. But now she says, with a big smile, she is glad she did join the workforce again and she really enjoys it here at FHW.

Do people know they are husband and wife around the FHW office?

“Some people know and some people haven’t put two-and-two together,” Bill said.

About Wendy, well Bill said, she’s really smart and talented and he’s glad she’s sharing that talent. As for Wendy, she said there really is family in Family Health West. And, they both are enjoying their time here.

William ‘Bill’ Cummins is the Associate Vice-President of Business Development who joined FHW in October 2016. Wendy Cummins is a Credentialing Specialist who joined FHW in October 2021.

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