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Casey and Becky Levin

He calls her Becky but her patients call her Dr. Rebecca Levin. He’s from Vermont and she’s from Iowa. Casey, as he is known to by his patients, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who was on the traveling medical circuit in March 2015 and she was a resident doctor at the bigger hospital in Grand Junction. It was a hike on the Palisade Rim trail where they first met. Fast forward 15 months and Casey had a diamond ring metaphorically burning a hole in his pocket.

Their engagement was delayed after Dr. Levin broke her left hand as fate would have it. Casey kept that ring for an extra three months waiting for her hand to heal. And then on an adventure that began with a train ride out of Silverton, a hike into Chicago Basin, and then a trek to the top of Sunlight Peak (elevation 14,061 ft.), he popped the question. No doubt she would say anything but “yes.” But did she know it was coming that day? Nope.

“Total surprise,” she said.

In 2017, they said, “I do” at Mesa Lakes Lodge atop the Grand Mesa. And now, over five years into their marriage, they have an almost two-year-old and a baby on the way.

Outside of work, “we enjoy human-powered adventures,” Casey said.

Casey and Dr. Rebecca Levin on an outdoor adventure with their pup.

Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, backing, snowboarding, paddleboarding and so much more. These days, with a toddler, they often do their adventures separately, however, they have been introducing their daughter to camping as much as possible in their free time. As their kiddos grow, they are excited to share their passion for outdoor adventures with them.

“Life is better together,” Dr. Levin said.

Around the house, Becky is the gardener, while Casey enjoys caring for their fruit trees. Since their literal roots are here, growing in western Colorado, their families enjoy coming out to visit. They do travel east to visit their families on a regular basis as well.

As for working at FHW, “We do share patients,” Dr. Levin said with a smile. But then added for crystal clarity, “we don’t talk about patients at home.” They are strict HIPAA followers!

Casey joined the outpatient rehab team for FHW team in November of 2019. Dr. Levin joined the FHW Primary Care team and has worked in the hospital since she joined FHW in April of 2022.

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