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FHW Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine

Family Health West began vaccinating 300 of their front-line staff on Tuesday, December 15th.

Dr. Korrey Klein, President, and CEO of Family Health West was the first to receive the lifesaving vaccine in Mesa County. “As a healthcare leader not only at Family Health West but in our community, and as a board-certified Family Medicine physician, many people have asked me if they should receive the vaccine. I have taken the time to read up on the technology, study the data that was released to the FDA by Pfizer, and compare it to other immunizations and I have made the decision to get the vaccine. And I did just that this afternoon!”

Dr. Joe Kupets, Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center’s Emergency Department Medical Director, and a person with underlying health concerns, was the second to receive the vaccine. “Our Emergency Room has seen quite a few seriously ill people with Covid, especially since the surge hit this summer,” says Dr. Kupets. “It’s been a sobering experience for sure,” he continued. “I went into healthcare to take care of people. By receiving the vaccine, we won’t change how we approach treating our Covid patients, but we will be much less intimidated by it.”

Dr. Christopher Taggart, Chief Medical Officer, and Jason Davis Assisted Living Administrator both of Family Health West received the third and fourth doses. Both said it didn’t really hurt, but felt more like a tetanus shot.

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