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When Pain in Under Control, You Can Start Living Again

Bill Kern - A pain management story

A motorcycle wreck, a fall off the roof, and simply working and playing too hard have led to years of living with back pain for Bill Kern. Since Bill was 13 years old, he has suffered from back pain but as he got older, his rub-some-dirt-in-it philosophy stopped working.

“The pain was so bad I could hardly live with it,” Bill said.

After becoming acquainted with RedRock Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine, where he was introduced to Dr. Ellen Price, he soon found relief. With the guidance of his provider, Bill attended physical therapy, visited a chiropractor, started pool therapy, began receiving nerve blocks, and cut back on his dosage of pain medication.

Bill Kern can continue working on his farm.

This combination of therapy made Bill start to feel more like himself. He started doing what brought him the most joy, working on his 10.5-acre property.

“Pain is more mental than anything. It’s depressing when you have constant pain, but when the pain is under control, you can start living again,” said Bill. “Now I’m able to work smarter with the tips I’ve learned from therapy, and I don’t spend half the day sitting on the couch in pain.”

Bill’s back pain has gone from what he described as a constant level eight or nine to a much more manageable four. Along with working on his property, Bill can go hiking with his wife, lend a helping hand to his neighbors, and rebuild automobiles.

“The RedRock team all work together doing whatever it takes to take care of me,” said Bill. “I know at this point my pain won’t ever entirely go away, but they are keeping me going and that’s more important to me than anything.”

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