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Table Talk, A New Learn & Listen Class For The Community

The Family Health West (FHW) Foundation is excited to announce a new community class series kicking off on January 10, called Table Talk. This educational and interactive class series is free, open to all, and will provide breakfast to attendees. The class will be held on the second Wednesday of each month throughout 2024, in a community room at the Fruita Community Center, located at 324 N. Coulson St., in Fruita, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

The format of Table Talk includes two 45-minute speakers/presentations for a full hour and a half of learning about the topics that interest you the most. Table Talk is a community engagement series meant to introduce you to programs, clinics, and specialty physicians at Family Health West, in addition to timely community subjects.

On January 10, Dr. Ryan Payne with the FHW Foot and Ankle Clinic will highlight the importance of basic foot and nail care, common ailments to our feet as we age, and much more. Dr. Payne will leave time for questions, as well, so come prepared. The format for Table Talk is set up to allow and encourage easy conversation and dialogue directly with specialty physicians or subject matter experts.

Did you know that January is National Blood Donation Month? With that in mind, Vitalant Blood Donation will have a representative present to speak about the importance of donating blood and the life-saving uses for it. In addition, they will cover the easy enrollment process for anyone interested in starting the blood donation process here in Mesa County. All of this on January 10, with breakfast too! You truly don’t want to miss this class.

In February, join us on the morning of Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) and bring your valentine with you for  Table Talk with Dr. Kyle Christopherson, FHW Pain Specialists, and Dr. Joey Salganik, FHW Rehabilitative Medicine. Controlling pain from A to Z will be a highlight of both presentations, in addition to managing migraines, dealing with concussions, treating long-COVID, and so much more. Having these two doctors available for attendee’s undivided attention is a real sweet treat!

FHW Foundation created this community class series, Table Talk, to address a basic educational need from feedback we continue to hear from the community. There is only so much information that can be learned about best practices, treatment options, and bedside manner of caregivers, obtained from a website. It’s important to the mission of FHW Foundation to highlight the amazing healing work done by the caregivers of Family Health West and make community connections along the way. We think Table Talk is the perfect way to do that while we all share a hearty breakfast once a month.

We invite you to visit our Table Talk website to see upcoming class dates, class speakers and presenters, and register – to make sure we have enough breakfast for everyone! Visit https://fhw.org/table-talk/ to get registered and for any questions about Table Talk, call the FHW Marketing office at (970) 858-2170.

If you don’t get registered before a class, we still encourage you to join us! Everyone is welcome. We have a strong belief at the FHW Foundation that even the smallest of details are worth investing in if they can improve the journey to wellness in our community. Table Talk is one way we are meeting this goal in 2024, but the FHW Foundation also remains committed to providing volunteer opportunities throughout Family Health West and fundraising.

The FHW Foundation is a separate non-profit organization from FHW Hospital and supporting clinics. The funding mission of the Foundation is to fundraise for the benefit of the entire FHW organization. Those fundraising dollars get turned into check marks next to the wishlist of purchases that extend services, patient experience, and staff quality of work into realities. Those purchases, both large and small, help the overall FHW organization extend service, improve patient experience, and enhance the quality of the workplace for all FHW staff. In short, this is turning dreams into realities. The base of the FHW Foundation is rooted in the culture, the passion, and living the mission of FHW Hospital. Staff who eat kindness for breakfast and dance to the tune of passion create a culture of healing, caring, and excitement for work at Family Health West. That culture circles the wagons to build the basis for the FHW Foundation. For more information about the FHW Foundation, visit https://fhw.org/foundation/.

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