Veterans Day, Meet Amber

Amber Conners, FNP- C: Certified Nurse Practitioner, Inpatient Unit, National Guard 1993-1999

In honor of Veterans Day this week, we are highlighting some of our veteran treasures – our staff! Welcome to this special edition of “Honoring FHW Veterans.”

Meet Amber Conners, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, from the FHW Inpatient Unit at our hospital. 

Amber and her family moved to Mesa County from Louisiana five years ago looking to be closer to family in Arizona and a climate that allows for outdoor adventures and sans hurricanes. Voila, welcome to western Colorado…the endless lands of outdoor adventures and recreation.

Rewind to 1993, Amber found herself signed up with the Louisiana Air National Guard, following in the proud footsteps of her grandfathers and father. I come from a long line of veterans, she proudly says. “My service filled me with a sense of pride,” Amber said.

During her six years with the Air Guard, one significant project she was part of was going to Belize in 1997 for hurricane recovery relief. She was a weather technician for the Guard, and she was willing to sign on for more years of service but the Guard was requiring her to study forecasting in college and the problem was…she was already in nursing school. Turns out, Amber has a passion for helping people that extends beyond the National Guard uniform.

But, she jumps right in to say, her experience in the Guard was great, she matured and learned so much about herself and life. She credits serving her country at least in part to developing skills of persistence, compassion, organization, hard work – also characteristics she no doubt developed from a patriotic family tree. 

As she chose to continue her nursing school and exited the Guard in 1999, as an E-4 Senior Airman, she recalls her time fondly. Amber still keeps in touch with some of the people she served with, saying one friend recently retired after 20 years in the Louisiana Air Guard. She jokingly says, “Has it really been 20 years?”

Nursing for her now is about how amazing people are, and different. “We are all created uniquely. And, I enjoy teaching people how to be healthier,” Amber said. “How people can heal themselves.” 

We are so proud Amber found her way to Family Health West and thank you for your service!

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