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We Treat Chronic Pain, Get Back To Living

At Family Health West Pain Specialists Clinic, we understand every moment counts in
managing and treating chronic pain. Dr. Kyle Christopherson, a board-certified anesthesiologist,
leads our team in successfully treating chronic pain. He and his team of compassionate
caregivers ensure direct access to treatment just as quickly as your insurance will allow.

Chronic pain isn’t just a condition, it’s a barrier to living life fully, impacting sleep, work, and
overall quality of life. Patients from neighboring states and across Western Colorado brave
treacherous roads and weather conditions to seek relief from Dr. Christopherson. In a recent interview with him, his patient-centered approach was evident from the start.

“Most patients we see have suffered with chronic pain for years and are interested in
alternatives to managing their pain. They don’t want opioids. Some have taken them in the past
and reported severe side effects, or they didn’t work,” Dr. Christopherson said. “I have patients
who come in and request opioids, but it’s not something we do at this clinic.”

Dr. Christopherson is open to treating all types of pain and excels at listening attentively to his
patients. Pain can present in various forms, from sciatica to nerve inflammation, each with its
unique challenges. Whether the symptoms they are experiencing are numbness, throbbing, or
burning sensations, he offers a wide variety of treatment options tailored to each patient’s

“Spine pain can be mechanical or nerve-related pain – we have treatments for both,” Dr.
Christopherson said. “Neck, low back, joints, they all can be treated with multiple options.
Headaches, facial pain, abdominal pain – pretty much any pain disorder (we treat).”

Kaley Velasquez, Nurse Clinical Manager for FHW Pain Specialists and the Outpatient
Procedure Clinic underscores the exceptional level of care he provides.

“Not all pain clinics extend the level of comfort and empathy that Dr. Christopherson and our
team provide, and patients need to know that,” Velasquez said. “One of the things that sets us
apart is we may offer procedural sedation, ensuring a more comfortable experience for every
individual. However, most patients I talk to will tell you how gentle Dr. Christopherson is.”

Navigating insurance requirements often adds another layer of complexity for pain patients. Dr.
Christopherson reassures patients that, despite insurance protocols, our clinic prioritizes prompt
treatment, seeing, and addressing patient needs within days of initial contact.

Our patients find relief through regular visits or as needed, often sharing stories of
transformation with friends and family. Whether self-referred or recommended by another
healthcare provider, every patient receives the same compassionate care from our dedicated

Don’t let pain hold you back from living your best life. Contact the FHW Pain Specialists Clinic
today at (970) 858-2239 or visit the clinic website at FHW.org/services/pain-specialists/ to
schedule an appointment today.

Also, join us for a free community class on pain treatment options offered by Family Health
West, featuring Dr. Christopherson and Dr. Joey Salganik, on Wednesday, February 14, at 9
a.m. at the Fruita Community Center. Together, let’s find a path to a pain-free life.

Pre-register for the free community class, Table Talk, at FHW.org/table-talk.

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