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Together We Are Passionate Are Resilient Are Prosperous Are Rooted Are Imaginative Flourish

Healthcare is what we do, but it is not who we are.

Family Health West owes its origins to a long line of dreamers and builders. We were built from the ground up more than 75 years ago by neighbors and visionaries who sewed the seeds for what would eventually become the Grand Valley. Born out of a vision for health and prosperity, Family Health West’s tale is a labor of love and commitment to the future health for generations to come.

Much has changed since then, and we’ve grown a lot. As we’ve expanded and added services, we’ve never lost sight of our founding purpose – to provide excellent and affordable health care that meets the needs of the Grand Valley. 

"...I saw vineyards and orchards, and rose-embowered cottages in which love and happiness and contentment abode... I heard the merry voices of children yet to be born."
Image of William Pabor, founder of Fruita
William Pabor
Founder of Fruita
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Graphic of FHW's roots in the Grand Valley community

Where We Come From

Family Health West was built by you and the people of the Grand Valley who came before you. Our buildings were lovingly crafted by neighbors who called the valley home, and our services were created to take care of those same people. 

Family Health West is a labor of dedication and hope by our people, for our people, for the future.

What We Believe

We believe in paying forward the resilience and commitment that went into laying our foundation. We will always put people first, and we strive to create a more welcoming and accessible healthcare experience that helps everyone pursue their passions.

At the root of everything we do, we believe that together, we flourish.

Graphic of FHW's origins in the Grand Valley area
Graphic of FHW's commitment to patient care

How You Fit In

While this might be a “new” brand, it’s built strongly upon beliefs that we’ve held from the very beginning. For us, health care has always been about helping our neighbors thrive by providing the very best care we can.

We know health care can often be scary and uncertain at times and you putting your trust in us is not something we take lightly. So here is our promise to you: Your health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. When you are in our care, you are family.

Why The Rose? What Does it Mean?

Family Health West Rose Logo
The Rose Means 

The rose embodies our story. It’s a symbol of passion, prosperity, resiliency, and rootedness. From the foundation of Fruita, Willam Pabor envisioned the desert transformed into rose-covered cottages and flourishing orchards. Along with our neighbors in the Grand Valley, Family Health West has withstood flood and famine, turning the desert into a flourishing community crafted by caring and passionate hands.

When you see the rose, you see the Family Health West Promise.

One United Brand, Lots of Services